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"Needles In Tanita" - QueenSnake's video

"Needles In Tanita" - QueenSnake video

Welcome to SnakeBDSM - FREE pictures and videos collection of a true masochistic girl QueenSnake and her adventures in the world of pain. She have a life-long experience in practicing sado-maso sessions and a very colorful imagination. On this page you can see the free BDSM video gallery "Needles In Tanita".

Needles In Tanita

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Tanita gets braver and braver. She is a big daredevil. Queensnake convinced her to let her nipples to be used as a pair of needle pillows. Then she bundled the protruding needles and tied them to a ceiling ring. Then some electricity helped Tanita to wriggle enough to tear them out, her clit got special attention in this phase. Finally Queensnake squeezed Tanita's oozing nipples with her really dirty high heels.

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