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"Poppy" - QueenSnake's video

"Poppy" - QueenSnake video

Welcome to SnakeBDSM - FREE pictures and videos collection of a true masochistic girl QueenSnake and her adventures in the world of pain. She have a life-long experience in practicing sado-maso sessions and a very colorful imagination. On this page you can see the free BDSM video gallery "Poppy".


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Poppy flowers, a whole field of them, literally. Queensnake always loved them (as every other flowers, just a bit more because of the color) - you can tell by watching last year's Floralia (lets just declare Poppy its annual sequel). So when she saw the never ending carpet of red petals, nothing and noone could stop her to stuff them into her vagina and needle them to her breasts and pussylips and take them home inside her belly.

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